The Crazy Man: Revolutions

Season 8 - Spring 2004

The final season of "The Crazy Man" at TCNJ.
Tony is making his ultimate takeover of "The Crazy Man".
Who can stop him?

Trying to be current in a comic isn't too easy, but this one helps try to set up a future storyline.

Obviously, Josh is not the greatest cook in the world.

Tracey blasts my computer on accident. This just shows how superficial I am.
I'm more worried about some piece of electronics than my life.

Loretta supplies more bad news to Jeff and his hunt for the right girl.

The last frame of this comic actually happened to me.

The plot thickens as Tony beats Jesus from T.C. n' Jay, and gets a bit of an upgrade

The takeover soon begins as Tony has copied himself, a la Agent Smith, into Josh.

Talk about cold. Tracey is Tony's apprentice, and what a way to show appreciation by betraying her and copying himself into her.

Spanky is the last to get taken over. Tony now has all The Crazy Man under his control, except me. I return to face my enemy.

So, it appears that Tony has taken over the whole college. I tell him it's over, and we fight, just like in The Matrix Revolutions.
The fight is fast and fierce, and we appear to be on even ground.

The last uppercut from the previous comic sends us flying backwards. We attack again, but Tony becomes overwhelmingly powerful, knocking me into the ground. Then, a surprise revelation takes place.

The fight ends, almost like the end of The Matrix Revolutions, except I don't sacrifice my life. So, I have a bit of a God complex, sue me; it's my comic strip, I do what I want.

We find Tony in the least visited place on campus.

Filler comic.

The first part of the series finale of The Crazy Man at TCNJ. Everyone is prepping for something.

Now, this may be a little hard to figure out, but the other artists at The Signal helped me with this. Rita Lee did the first drawing, Nathan Zyontz did the second images, and the third one was to be from the Nerds comic strip, but they didn't want to participate, so I did my own version.

The series finale. My friend Jeff requested that I end the strip just like the end of "The Godfather". It was such a good idea, and he even loved it when I had his character be the one closing the door right in front of Nishita. I felt it was the perfect way to end a college series.

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