The Crazy Man

Season 7 - Fall 2003

Another season where we get to see the origins of how the cast of The Crazy Man first meet,
plus the introduction of the 10th character, Lynne.

This was when Josh, Ruben, and I rented an apartment for our fifth year of college.

This was something of a response to Monkey and Strawboy when they tried to get me to remove my comic strip from The Signal.
As you can see, it didn't work, and I'm still around. Where are they? Well, they up and left college. You tell me, who won?

Tracey and Jeff going out, and Tracey in her continued attempts to take my life.
All plans, which have thankfully not succeeded.

Ah, the introduction of The Crazy Man in 1985 when the cast first met.
In truth though, we never met up as kids, but imagine if we actually did.

Bringing back the old-school Nintendo for some retro 80s jokes.

Filler, so Jeff can spit a long distance, doesn't really impress much.

My 100th comic. I wanted to celebrate it, but I had difficulty in how to show it. One idea had Tracey popping out of the cake naked for the entire cast to see. Yeah, it sounded like a bit much, and I wasn't sure if Tracey was cool with it, so I made a safety strip (The next one). Luckily, Tracey was really cool with this strip, and said to go ahead and publish it.

The safety strip in case the previous one wouldn't go through.
In this one, Nishita pops out of the cake, and throws a pie right in my face.
Pretty tame really, but I wasn't sure how P.C. the college was.

You have to agree with me that you hated that Duck Hunt dog as much as I did.

The introduction of Nishita, and how she got her nickname.

Jeff teaching in a bad neighborhood. So bad the school newspaper has its own obituary column.
That's a bad neighborhood.

Kill Bill meets The Crazy Man: Kill Brix. Kinda catchy.

Remember kids, when you play Contra and enter the Konami Code wrong, you get the 30 lives beaten out of you.

The introduction of Jeff as a child. He eventually grows into that spam shirt,
and you also know how he developed his paranoia.

Tracey's introduction. I wanted to have fun with the idea of Tracey's past.
As she is now, she's cold, calculating, deceitful, pretty much evil incarnate. So, to become something so corrupt,
why not make that person's past completely incorruptible.
So, when I introduce Tracey, she is this sweet, innocent little girl who has this major crush on me as a kid.
Now you can understand how that turned into a cold, wintry hatred. Gotta love character development.

The discovery of how my hair is always so spiky. At least it ties up a lot of loose ends here.

The introduction of Lynne, Tony's girlfriend. Unfortunately, a week after I did this strip, they broke up.
Talk about your bad timing.

My puppy Spanky, looking like a little white puffball. I love making my dog so cute, that it'll make you go "AWWWW!"

Last strip of season 7. Everything appears to end ho-hum with a little bit of reminiscing, and then Spanky comes in to finish the job.

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