The Crazy Man: Darkside

Season 6 - Spring 2003

Here is where Tony's dark side influence spreads to other members of "The Crazy Man".
Who will turn to the dark side? Just have to read and see.
Also, this season, war was declared by two other Signal artists with the psuedonyms: "Monkey" and "Strawboy"
With their comic strip called "Kodachrome".

Kodachrome vs. The Crazy Man

Jeff's misadventures take a chilling twist. Yes, I know, bad pun.

The Dark Side of The Crazy Man begins to form. Tony finds his first apprentice:
Tracey, a highly volatile, dangerous woman. Yup, the perfect pick

Spanky does a lil lovin'!!

This was an unpublished strip, but this did happen. I asked Jeff to draw himself as a comic, and what you have certainly is a representation of himself hating Abercrombie and Fitch.

Tracey and Jeff being their, well I guess you could call it, "relationship".

Men are pigs, we let things grow in our petri dish we call a fridge.

A third person joins the ranks of the Dark Side. I wanted this to be a mystery as to who would join, and let my readers figure it out. There are some clues if you look carefully.

Kevin Smith fan, plain and simple. Besides, for a while my life did become like "Clerks": I worked at a convenience store, and my best friend Josh worked at a movie theater. Not splitting hairs here, but you get the idea.

Tony's first bit of revenge against Spanky

Star Wars joke, again... figured out who joined the Dark Side yet?

With the start of the War in Iraq, you wouldn't be surprised if these programs popped up in the midst of all this hoopla.

Josh, once again not a "fix-it" type of guy. Sometimes I wonder if he tries too hard.

Shorty joins the Dark Side. By now, you would have figured out who else has joined.

Star Wars joke, and sometimes I do pray that Lucas DOESN'T sue me.

My first attempt to do video game humor in a webcomic, kind of like PVP and such. Well, it doesn't quite work.

Moment of silence for our fan club.

Last attempt at a dumb lightsaber duel. I know, I know I still have to learn to end a joke when it's not funny anymore. I'm still trying, give me a break. At least everyone else in the cast realize how bad it's getting.

Monkey and Strawboy were 2 other Signal artists that tried to make fun of my work, this was my response to them.
I'll show you their artwork
Kodachrome vs. The Crazy Man
I'll let you decide.

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