The Crazy Man

Season 5 - Fall 2002

The appearance of Tony, and the classic Poker Night Episode II battle!

When we all returned for the Fall, we came face to face with a lot of construction all over campus.
It appeared that the campus was going to renovate, but instead of doing everything one at a time,
they felt it was wiser to do all at once.
That didn't go over well with the students.

September 11, 2002. One year later. A bit calmer, but showing that this country will stand strong regardless of who or what may want to destroy our way of life.

Izabela and I broke up during the Summer as you can see here. That's it.

Tried to have a celebrity in my comic strip. Didn't go over too well with Ozzy.

I've been told when I leave the bathroom, it is declared a level 5 Biohazard.

The first appearance of Tony, as well as the first of many Star Wars gags to come.

Poker Night Episode I, We see a glimpse of my love of poker, and Spanky's prowess at it, and the soon to be inevitable duel that follows.

A little truth as I didn't get to hang with Tracy much. She was really busy with school work, and with a job, her time was severely limited.

Being roommates with Josh, you come to enjoy the simple things in life, namely scaring the bejesus out of him whenever I had the chance.

Loretta's first of 2 appearances this season. It wasn't much since I rarely got a chance to hang out with her.

Josh's feet do stink that bad some days. Once those shoes come off, the windows go immediately open, regardless if the temperature is 300 below zero.

The first appearance of my dad, just a chip off the ol' blockhead, though the blood tests say otherwise.

Another gag about Jeff trying to find a girlfriend. And to let you know now, it will only get progressively worse.

A lot of students felt the same way I did when I had to get up at 7am, be at class by 8, and not get back until 10:30 at night, only to get up at 7am again.

Obscure reference humor, gotta love it. It could either be Batman or Clerks the Animated Series, you decide.

It was just filler, I wanted to see if one day a joke that started like that would ever come true.

The start of a long and contrived storyline regarding poker and lightsabers.
Spanky wins a poker game, Tony is none too happy about, accuses Spanky of cheating, and pulls his lightsaber from out of nowhere.
His saber blade is dark so that represents he's either a dark Jedi or a Sith Lord.
Jeff and I have our own, and from what you can gather, Jeff is my apprentice.
Good fighter, but head-strong, and loses fairly swiftly when he ignores my idea of a two-on-one duel.

Second part of the duel. Jeff is down for the count, so I step in and save him from getting cut down.
I use Jeff's saber with my own and try to take on Tony. Initially, I get the upper hand, however I get one saber knocked out of my hand.
I still hold up the fight, but Tony defeats me as well. Now, who can stop Tony?

With the battle now over, the sound of a lightsaber activating surprises all of us as Spanky steps up to bat.
At first, Tony isn't very frightened. In fact, he has become quite overconfident in his abilities to defeat a dog,
but then you see the true awesomeness that is Spanky as he jumps and flips around to beat Tony at his own game.
I lament on having Spanky neutered.

Christmas Tree: 2, Josh: 0

A little crossover I did with another comic from The Signal: Nerds.
The writer, Scott Kuchinsky praised me on the accuracy of his character and the broken Christmas Tree.
I love it when I get praised for my artwork.

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