The Crazy Man

Season 4 - Spring 2002

This season of The Crazy Man brought back Tracey, and was a huge boost in new characters:
Four in one season, I call that a record in the history of "The Crazy Man".
Also, this season brought the introduction of the most controversial character in The Crazy Man: Dominican Lou.

More about how Josh and I as roommates, always have a messy room.
Luckily though, we never got ants or roaches, so there's a plus.

The first appearance of that lovable mutt Spanky.

Tracey returns to The Crazy Man. I felt so happy, but now I have a little bit of a dilemma: Tracey is back, but I have a fifth character. Realizing the dilemma I put myself into, I had to figure out how to resolve this.
Sticking the poor girl in the bathroom, not the best of ideas, but what else can you think of?

Jeff's bad blind date. Though something like this never really happened, I wouldn't be surprised if it DID happen.

Tracey's new serial killer persona revealed.

The Dominican Lou Controversy

Josh is that incoherent many mornings, and I do love to play tricks on him because of it.

I couldn't believe that I got first dibs in the housing lottery for my senior year.
This was my way of gloating the fact.

I was never musically inclined.
I tried to help out in Izabela's band "Sociophobia" playing Bass Guitar which wasn't too hard to learn.

Another one of my parody images. This time, it was about Indiana Jones. Big fan of the movies.

Loretta emerges from where she was kidnapped, and is seeking revenge for not being the fifth character, but I made it up to her by being an official cast member of the series.

Kokomo by the Beach Boys. I parodied the song about the crap of living in TCNJ.
I know, not funny, but oh well.

The Dominican Lou Controversy part 2

A summation of everything that transpired this season. As usual, nothing learned.

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