The Crazy Man

Season 3 - Fall 2001

(Official Title)

The official title, and the official cast, minus one. Tracey left the series.

The first strip with the official title, but things were going to be difficult as Tracey left TCNJ.
As to what will happen with the comic; I just had to plug along and continue with only 4 players.

This was kind of my way of saying goodbye to Tracey, I really did miss her.

My immediate feelings after September 11, 2001.

More jokes about how much the college food sucks, especially when it was run by Sodexho Marriot:
A catering company that also cater prisons. Makes you wonder what my college was turning into.

Hey, video games are definitely getting very life-like, they practically jump out and grab you.

Okay, a little education, a Sukkah is a Hebrew hut where Jewish men and women have a prayer session before they eat.
One was built at the college, and since Josh is Jewish, I felt it was a fore-gone conclusion to have him help in the construction.
By the way, when I did this strip, one wall of the Sukkah really did fall.

The introduction of my first girlfriend Izabela. Not the best way to introduce her, but considering my long,
pitiful history with women, you can understand.

Jeff's first in a series of attempts to find the right girl, Miss. Right, or Miss. Right Now if he could.

Yes, another strip showing how I am a huge Dragonball Z fan, with my own version, Crazyman Z.

Since Tracey left the series, I had to start looking for a new fifth character.
This started the famous fifth-character contest where any female at the college could be in the strip.
I even made a set of rules to make sure I got responses.

The actual application to be the new fifth character for my comic strip.

I didn't get that many responses, but Josh's mail did get checked for Anthrax.

Christmas Tree: 1, Josh: 0.

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