The Crazy Man @ TCNJ

Season 2 - Spring 2001

My second, and more improved attempt with "The Crazy Man". Still needed tweaking, but we now have a difinitive cast.

A new semester, and some new changes:
One, the comic has been redone.
Two, it is a little more about myself, and my friends.
And three, it would be the official start of The Crazy Man: Almost new, but certainly improved.

Just a gag as I did cheer for the Giants to win the Super Bowl.
This was my feeling to it on Monday.

The start of a long, and difficult history with women.
Though eventually the power transferred over to Jeff.
Maybe that's why he was in the strip with me.

Yes, I am a Dragonball Z fan, deal with it.

The first appearance of Tracey.
Even then, she looked angry as hell what with her car being completely flooded, inside and out.

I got a few questions from my friends when I did this strip, wondering how much skin I can show on my friend Nishita.
It actually got to the point where I had to show it, inch by inch until everyone felt it was good enough.

I did go through a Jalepeno pepper eating contest.
Those feelings I had were dead on.

That was exactly how I felt the very next day.

I love how, as I'm drawing a comic about myself and my friends, I can have my character control the environment around him,
such as this case where Jeff blabs on and on to the point my character can't take it anymore, and erases his head to shut him up.

The fact that my college was actually in the middle of nowhere, you can sort of see how boredom creeps in the dorm room.

I thought about doing stand-up comedy.
Gave up after I realized I'm not that funny.

I still pray the day Centennial Hall comes down. It has yet to happen... BASTARDS!!!

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