The Ideas From A Crazy Man @ TCNJ

Season 1 - Fall 2000

My first attempt at The Crazy Man. Needless to say it wasn't the prettiest comic ever drawn,
but it was a starting point to something big.

The first Crazy Man comic, though it wasn't about The Crazy Man, it was the IDEAS from a Crazy Man. Get the title?
Well, here is the first comic, describing what a "macrowave" does, roasting some poor bastard in his juices.

A little bit of commentary on the food at The College of New Jersey.

This one got me a lil bit of fame. I did a joke where there were constant power outages at the dorm I was living at: Centennial Hall.
It got so popular that the dorm office taped a copy of this comic on their door.
Nice to be recognized.

The first of a storyline that turned out to be a BIG mistake: The Ho's Corner Project, a running parody of "The Blair Witch Project".
Even though it was godawful, it did create the basis of the soon-to-be cast members of "The Crazy Man": George, Josh, Nishita,
and Jeff, the fisherman in the Spam shirt.

Another pair of kooks: this pair of girls known as "Crystal Meth", as that's the way they acted,
you'd swear that's what they were on. Unfortunately, they had worse nicknames than that in college.
I only put them in because they begged to be in it.

Plot thickens as we get a power outage, and a pile of menus appear at our room door.
Now, this was a jab at the restaurants, located around campus, that would send people to leave menus,
piles of them, at our front door.
Nobody knows how they appeared without being seen, they just do. Thus the basis for this bad joke.

The stick figures from Blair Witch Project make an unusual appearance here as the symbol of Ho's Corner.
Okay, a brief explanation: There was an article in the newspaper called "Ho's Corner".
It was an article about some guy named "Ho", who would take photos of unsuspecting students,
slap a smiley face to avoid being identified, and criticize their wardrobe.
The reason for the notoriety was the fact that no one really knew who Ho of "Ho's Corner" was,
until it was finally admitted at the end of the semester.

Ho's Corner has captured Josh, and we see what has happened to him.

This godawful story finally ends. Believe me, in the comic, I was sorry for even doing this storyline.
Well, it was a harsh first lesson, but it would serve as the catalyst for the next season.

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