The Cast of The Crazy Man

Amy Amy

Alias: Red

George's girlfriend. She stuck with George after the battle with Jericho,
has trained under Tracey to develop her abilities when the group went up
against Mourning-Starr, but now has to face the fact that George is now
trapped somewhere else, but it won't stop her from getting him back...
Tracey Tracey

Alias: Silent Assassin

Cold, merciless, deadly, and more dangerous than ever...
A former Sith apprentice turned de facto Master, now former Dark Jedi,
though won't normally fight the good fight,
unless there's something in it for her.
With George being gone, she may have to take up a leadership role
in trying to get George back.
Nishita Nishita

Alias: Shorty

Being in a coma after her run-in with Jericho, she has taken a
different view in her life.
Instead of sticking around to see more people get hurt,
she has decided to do something about it,
and has become a healer to help those who are less fortunate.
Jeff Jeff

Alias: Spamboy

Former Jedi and Sith apprentice.
Following the battle against Jericho, he still remains in contact with George, though tries to shy away from the fight.
Still a pop-culture fan, he can always supply the perfect obscure reference
or movie quote to describe any situation the group is in.

Alias: Platypus

Former Jedi apprentice.
Another who survived a near-vicious defeat from the hands of Jericho...
Her vendetta with Tracey has passed, though they still do not like
each other.
Normally gives spiritual advice, but since her run-in with that mysterious chemical, her premonition abilities may have inadvertantly unlocked a hidden ability long dormant, now re-activated.
She may still have some sort of connection with the other side...

Alias: The Cleaner

Double-agent of The Crazy Man.
Hired by Mourning-Starr Financial to stop George,
but discovered to have been a former student.
He relays information to the group while he works with Mourning-Starr
in their nefarious plans.
He will continue his work as both sides try to reopen the doorway.
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